Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How to protect phone from virus

Computer and smartphone viruses can ruin your device and even your life if you are not careful. Computer viruses are some illegal or mischievous programs that when run, it can copy itself by infecting several files and programs on your computer system. Some of the popularly harmful computer viruses are Email viruses, Worms, and Trojan horses although there are many more.
So I will be giving you some tips which you should always apply to stay safe or at least, limit the manner in which your device is attacked by virus. Previously on this blog, I have written about several malwares and how they infect computers and your smartphones. You can check out some of the posts related to that here

This safety tips can be used both on your PC and mobile phones for optimal security. Note that this post is basically targeted at devices that have not yet been infested but if yours has already been attached, see how to remove virus here and here


1. Updated Your Web Browser & Operating System Regularly
New OS and web browsers are frequently updated to fix some bugs in the older versions including improvements against viruses and malware attacks so it's very important to always update your web browser and OS to be on a safer side.

2. Download Apps From Playstore Or The Official Sources Only
Stop downloading apps from anywhere online. Make sure the source is official and known to you before downloading as many viruses are embedded in some of the apps or files you download from unknown sources without your knowledge.

3. Scan New Pen drive or Memory Devices
Before you insert any memory device on your PC or smartphone, make sure you scan it first and run a virus test using Antivirus app. This is because some memory devices are already infected and looking for where to spread the virus.

4. Install an Anti-Virus App in Your Smartphone
Although there are many anti-virus apps available for smartphones but there are ones that are more active in detection. Example is CM security, it serves as Antivirus, phone optimizer, and applock.

5. Don’t use Public Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
If you should use an open or public WiFi, make sure the source is trusted or else, don't try it. It is one of the common ways your device gets attacked and even hacked. So thread with caution.

6. Backup Your Device Data
Taking a full backup of your device data is necessary and very important as you don't know what might happen in the next hour. Your phone can be attacked and one of the best ways to get rid of the malware is by formatting your device. You see, if you had a backup in place, it won't be a problem to you as you can simply restore back your files when it was in safe mode.

7. Ignore Popups and Download Buttons
Some websites and even applications are filed with popups, while some of these popups are important, most times, they are not safe. It is another easy way of getting your phone infected with malware when you click on popups that's one of the reasons some web browsers blocks popups.

8. Don't Collect or Receive Files From a Public Cyber cafe
Whether it's a public cyber cafe or business center, pls don't ever think of collecting files from any of their computers with your phone or laptop. Instead, use an external memory device and after then, scan it before using it on your PC or mobile phone.

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