Saturday, 25 March 2017

How To Create an Application For Your Blog

Hi, today you will learn how to create an andriod app for your blog or website. I know you thought it is difficult but I tell you it's easy. You really need an app for your blog because is the best and important thing to have on your blog or website in order to keep your users and audience engaged and will also bring thousands of traffics back to you. Today, most internet users don't prefer using browser anymore and to keep those type of people updated, you need an app.

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How To Create An App Using Appyet

>> Firstly, go to and sign up.
>>  After that, you can then login and tap on CREATE APP.
>>  Then in the next page, you will have to fill the forms which are (application name, version code, package name, application icon, header image) and tap on SAVE CHANGES.

>>  Then navigate to MODULES and add all the options you like (latest updates, web tutorials .....). For users to redirect to your blog, you will have to scroll down and tap on FEED then add it to the modules.

>>  After that, navigate to SETTINGS and set up your application the way you like. Then navigate to THEMES and add up any theme colors you like with the default (black and white).
>> After that, navigate to BUILD and scroll down then tap on SUBMIT TO BUILD.
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