Thursday, 2 March 2017

NIRA Shuts Down DomainKing.NG. Check out reasons

Ever since domainking Nigeria pronounced they are experiencing technical difficulties with their system, the Indian based web hosting organization has not been able to provide services to those that paid for domain name registration, web hosting and the like.
Many websites hosted on are down because of their experienced "server error" and their help and support system hasn't been replying to queries and emails. The person in charge of their Facebook page has also stopped updating the page since the 10th of February.

Whilst considering the plight of existing clients, the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) had taken a protective measure to ensure that the platform is temporarily not available for more Nigerians to make further payments so that more innocent people will not pay, register and not get the service they paid for. They've done this by redirecting the name servers away from portal.

domainking login page blocked by NIRA
So for now, no one can register nor sign in to

According to a press release on NIRA website, further sanctions will be applied against by 2nd May 2017 should the company not reactivate/ attend/ respond to queries/ complaints raised by the registrants.

Unfortunately, this is not a good one for those that have not backed up nor changed the nameservers of their domain names at before now as the domainking login page is no longer accessible.

If you've registered a .ng domain name through, you can contact NIRA and they will hopefully help you with the transfer of your .ng domain names to another domain name registrar.

If you've registered a .com domain name through, NIRA might not be able to help you but there is a way out. I am currently working on this.

If what I read about what happened to is true, I just hope the Indian police will allow them to attend to their stranded customers while they continue with their investigation.

You can click here to check out my discussion with the president of NIRA as regards to the issue.

Ref: Ogbonge blog
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