Wednesday, 19 April 2017

MTN South Africa Free Browsing Cheat With Psiphon Handler

Many of my South African blog readers have been asking me to post free browsing cheats for them also. So i have decided to give them something also.This is for all the south African readers who uses MTN.
This MTN 100mb tweak has been around for quite sometime but it's still blazing just like ever before. It's very easy to setup and it's completely free. But it's limited to just 200mb and works with Psiphon handler.

Below is the full procedure on how to configure the free 200mb tweak exclusive to South African MTN users only.
MTN Free 200MB For South African MTN Users
=> Download Psiphon handler from this LINK.
=> Launch the app and select  remove port
=> proxy type = real host
=> proxy server -
=> real proxy type = inject
=> real proxy server =
=> port = 80

After that, skip the rest and click on the save button.
That's all guys....
I hope my South African readers can manage this.

"Also if you have any working free browsing cheats for any network (from any country), feel free to send it to me through the contact form on this blog and I will try to share it with others."
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