Saturday, 1 July 2017

How To Send Android Applications On WhatsApp

This is actually an old trick or tutorial whichever you may call it. But some vibers are still not aware and ignorant of this. WhatsApp is believed to be the biggest online chatting platform in the world and has over a billion users.

With it having these accolades, there are still some things users find difficult to do on the app of which one is how to send android applications using the platform. Sending of android applications is not allowed on the app and can't be done.

I'm sure that there would have been times you would need an app or just a file like a template for example to send to another user. With this post I'll be showing you how to send android applications with some little easy steps. After going through this post you'd find how easy it is to transfer apps to friends


step1: Locate your File manager

step2: Search for the apk file of the app/game you want to send

step3: Rename the apk file, by changing the *apk* format to *doc* or *txt*

step4: long press that file then click share then via whatsapp
eg: If you want to send *run.apk* youd change it to *run.doc* or *run.txt* then send


step1download the app/game normally like you do to other apps.

step2: go to file manager

step3: go to WhatsApp folder>>media>>>documents

step4: rename that app/game to its normal format i.e change *doc* or *txt* to *apk*

step5: install
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