Thursday, 10 August 2017

Too Bad, NCC Stop Globacom Free Data Day Promo

Today is supposed to be the day where all eligible glo subscriber should enjoy Free data; today is supposed to be the day where you enjoy legal free browsing without feeling guilty on Glo network, but something happened, NCC has stopped Globacom Nigeria’s plans to offer free data to all its subscribers on Friday, August 11, 2017.

Glo had announced that eligible subscribers will enjoy as much as 200 megabytes of data for free, in what it called the “free data day”.

But NCC said that the promotion was not in line with what was approved by the regulator. According to NCC, 

It has however come to our notice that Globacom Nigeria Ltd has been implementing the above regulatory approval in breach especially given your recent media campaign on the ‘Glo free data offer’, a clear departure from terms and condition of the approval given for the Glo overload promotion.

 “Consequent upon the above, you are hereby directed to suspend implementation of the Glo overload promotion from your network with immediate effect,” the letter read.

Is NCC for us or against us?
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