Saturday, 9 September 2017

Do You Think Gionee Have The Poorest Customer Service in Nigeria?

I don’t even want to talk about InnJoo because it is dead on arrival. I know you’ve heard your own fair share of poor customer service most especially from your favorite mobile brand and I’m guessing that some of your experiences are bitter while some are lovely.

A user lamented about his bitter experience with Gionee Customer service on NL as seen below;
You are correct about GIONEE customer service. They have the poorest customer service in Nigeria, they almost got me mad bro. I spent a lot of money going to their office every week just to collect my GIONEE M5 Plus which developed charging problems a few weeks after I bought the phone. Well, I was happy at the end of the day as the phone hasn't given me any problems since then and I am enjoying the phone, but they need to work on their customer service. See the way people were complaining at Ikeja, Lagos. I felt like punching one of their staff in the face at first.

And this…
…I have every reason to say this because I have used other care center before especially Tecno, they accord you the highest respect maybe you guys should visit tecno care in zone 4. But on getting there to Gionee care center, I related the first issue of the phone showing rooted and explained to the guy that I never rooted the phone and I also didn’t give the phone to anybody and that the finger print lock is what I always used and at such no other person has access to the phone except me, they confronted me that I did, at a point I had to tell the guy that if I rooted the phone will he beat me up?
 So what is my gain if I lied?

 They reluctantly collected the phone and charged me #2,000, which I paid after then I told them I will love to get the charger and requested for the price they told me, a very crazy price that I was not comfortable with they further said the charger is not available yet, the price still got me thinking that I had to go online to search for Gionee customer care center number which I called and I was given a different price which was #1,000 less than what I told at the Abuja care centre in Bannex and also went further to give me the separate prices for the charger head and USB cable and said they could be purchased separately I explained things to the agent concerning the office Abuja people gave, the agent apologized and told me to please go back and meet John directly.

I don’t know what your experience with other mobile brands customer care but do you think Gionee has the worst customer service? will love to know your own experiences.
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