Saturday, 23 September 2017

Latest 9mobile 60gb Cheat with Anonytun VPN

 9mobile started offering free YouTube streaming from the early hours of 1am-5am once you subscribe to a data plan, YouTube data is capped at 2GB every night for 30 days i.e you can use 2gb everyday for the next thirty days which will then give you a total of  60gb but can only be used on YouTube for streaming videos. With this post, I will give you a detailed procedure on how to use the 9mobile YouTube free data to browse every night using AnonyTun VPN app.
Follow below guidelines to enjoy 9Mobile 2gb Free Night Browsing from 1am to 5am;
Download AnonyTun Pro
You have to be on easycliq and if you’re not, you can join by dialing *200*2*2#and selecting option 1
Once you have successfully migrated to easycliq, dial *545*3*1# or dial * 545*3# and choose 1 for 100% data bonus

Recharge you 9mobile line with #500 airtime
Subscribe to the 9mobile N500 monthly plan
Next set up your AnonyTun VPN by changing host to
Complete the Anonytun VPN settings using the images shown below.

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