Thursday, 12 October 2017

SwissCoin SIC Finally Listed on Public Exchange, Trading Begins

A big congrats and a big thank you to all of you who participated in the swisscoin project, for all the support and efforts from you all. It’s been a long and tough journey and only the patient and strong ones kept their faith solid. 

Swisscoin now listed on public exchange, as we can see it on ( However, more and more exchanges would be revealed over the next few weeks and months to come. Guys just imagine what's going to happen by 2020

As soon as your coins are transferred from your Back office to your external Web wallet then your trading starts. But I advise you just as I always have, PLEASE hold onto your coins and watch the value of SIC rise and appreciate this is how the second phase of swisscoin will create new Millionaires.

Guys are already trading with the coin on coinexchange and I must tell you that this is an opportunity to buy more coin.

If you have invested into the projects Swisscoin, click here to register an account, then wait for further instructions. You can even buy the coin cheaper on coinexchange, trade it when the value has skyrocketed.  

Again, huge congratulations on well accomplished mission, now let's make than coin go viral.

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