Monday, 9 October 2017

WhatsApp Business APK Available for Download, Account Registration and Other Details

The long awaited WhatsApp for business is finally here. Announced a month ago, from Facebook owned company to help businesses communicate with their customers.

WhatsApp Business will allow businesses to have access to analytics, giving them a comprehensive look at how often their customers interact with them and how popular are their texts. Businesses will also be able to easily manage their business account and personal account.

The app will be a standalone listing on Google play store. Though it’s still in testing phase and WhatsApp is asking for feedback from early testers regarding account setup, data migration from their existing WhatsApp app, automatic responses, and analytics.

how to manage personal and business acctount on whatsApp biz
Image Credit: Android Police

Where Can I Download WhatsApp Business?
Before you download, you must be a beta tester, and this still remain a private beta program.  If you are already a beta tester for WhatsApp business, fill up the survey below, download the WhatsApp business from Playstore or from apk mirror.

If you are not a beta testers, you won’t see the app listing.

According to report, once downloaded, the app looks the same as WhatsApp, save for one change: the title bar says WhatsApp Business. There are tabs for your camera (and thus the fancy image status), chats, status, and calls. It's all standard fare. The changes will start appearing when you head into Settings. There you'll find two new sections for Business settingsand Statistics.

this is the image for whatsapp business
Image Credit; Android Police
You can run the WhatsApp business app on the same smartphone you have your WhatsApp or use different phones for it.

Whatsapp business registration and other stores
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If you run a business and wish to sign up for WhatsApp Business, you need to fill up this survey, and then download the app from here.

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