Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Why is iPhone 7 Outshinning iPhone 8 in Sales?

Despite all the hype, fuss, wireless charging, A11 chip that makes Nwane ego run cray cray in Apple office… Despite all the Efizzy by Apple, iPhone 8 is performing poorly in the market. As a matter of facts, people are rushing to buy iPhone 7 compare to iPhone 8.

According to KeyBanc Capital Markets broker John Vinh who cited carrier store surveys, iPhone 7 is outselling the iPhone 8 as upgraders are waiting for the iPhone X.

iPhone 7 outshine iPhone 8
iPhone 7 is currently retailing for $549, compared to the $699 price tag of the iPhone 8. Both phones are similar in design and quite similar in specs with minor improvements for the newer handset like wireless charging and faster chipset.

According to John  Vinh, feedback from the store survey indicates that customers are actually waiting to get the iPhone X or at least compare how the $999 phone compares to the iPhone 8.

I knew this will happen all along when iPhone announced iPhone 8 and iPhone X at the same time that iPhone 8 will suffer from poor sales compare to iPhone X no wonder Apple had to defer the sale of iPhone X till next year.

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