Tuesday, 28 November 2017

WhatsApp For iOS Update - Ability to Watch YouTube Video Right Inside Whatsapp

WhatsApp is constantly improving on its messenger with lots of updates and I’m pretty sure the recallfeature is really serving lot of purposes right now. An update is available for iOS users, WhatsApp 2.17.81 which allow you to do the following;

Record Long voice message: when recording a voice message, just swipe up to lock recording so you can continue to record without keeping your finger down.

Ability to watch YouTube video right within WhatsApp messenger. With picture-in-picture, you can also keep watching the video while you navigate to another chat.

If you are using iOS devices, just update your WhatsApp and you’ll have this feature active on your messenger. For Android users, we don’t know when the update will be roll out but we are pretty sure very soon.
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