Sunday, 18 February 2018

This Samsung TV Factory Can Produce 5,000 Units Per Day

Samsung opened its factory in the Dube Trade Port in Durban during 2014, promising a total investment of $20 million over four years.

The plant assembles the entire range of Samsung TVs, Production capacity is 5,000 units per day, including monitors. The TVs manufactured are exported to SADC regions, and to East and West Africa.

Samsung TV factory in sa
“Since opening in 2014, only 4% of factory operators employed had formal manufacturing experience in the metal and engineering industries,” said Samsung.
“All 200 staff, of which 42% are female, have been upskilled and fully trained. Seven operators have been promoted.”

Factory in S.A

factory in sa

Factory in sa

Samsung is currently building a distributing centre on an adjoining site to the factory, which it said will streamline its operations and create more jobs.

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