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Advertising terms and policies

 Advertisnig Charges and rates

NamePositionSize in PixelDurationPrice (₦)
LEADERBOARDBeside the logo970x90px30 Days100,000
Beside the logo970x108px180,000
Above the logo970x470px250,000
BACKGROUNDYour brand picture appears as a background of the website and it appears through all web pages.Entire Homepage30 Days700,000
7 Days200,000
RECTANGLERight hand side of the front page and it appears on all web pages320X250px30 Days150,000
7 Days40,000
LARGE RECTANGLEJust like the above and in the same position but bigger.320X920px30 Days300,000
7 Days80,000
ADVERTORIALS/SPONSORED CONTENTIt appears as a post on the homepage and can be in the form of text, picture or pdf.30 Days200,000
7 Days60,000
INSERTIONAppears in the middle of every post on Front Page as a picture with the caption “Advertisement”. 700x60px30 Days50,000
7 Days15,000
VIDEO ADDisplayed on the right hand side of the front page and plays automatically to visitors15-30 seconds30days100,000
7 Days30,000

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